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Recyclable Canisters

Recyclable Canisters
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Canect understand that empty canisters can become a burden to dispose of, this is why we have invested in a range returnable, refillable, recyclable canisters in a wide range of sizes.

Available in 5 different size canisters, the recyclable canisters are returned and re-used. Once returned, the canisters go through a cleaning process to remove any cosmetic dirt or debris. Next is the inspection of the valve, and flushing of the canister to remove any remains of adhesive. Once passed inspection the canisters are filled with the correct adhesive ready to be sent back out into the marketplace.

Certified refillable canisters.

No need to dispose after use.

  • Comet Canister
  • 22 Litre Canister
  • 66 Litre Canister
  • 110 Litre Canister
  • 225 Litre Canister
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