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SkyStick is a high quality industrial roofing solution adhesive that is waterproof with a high temperature stability. SkyStick has been uniquely designed for bonding all synthetic roofing materials to the highest level of quality as well as many insulation substrates and a large variety of other materials.

• EPDM • Woods • Insulation • Polystyrene • Vinyl • MDF • Foam • Linoleum • Rubber • Plywood • Metal

SkyStick uses our exceptional formulation, which has been created to ensure a higher level of bond strength and a higher square metre coverage per kg over other brands.

All of our adhesives are non-flammable, however some of our propellants are flammable at point of spray. Please refer
to the MSDS.

  • Extreme Temperature Stability – 130°c
  • Waterproof
  • Extreme Bond Strength
  • Ready to Bond Within Seconds
  • Easy Application Control
  • No Maintenance
  • Industrial High Quality Adhesive
  • 500ml Aerosol
  • 750ml Aerosol
  • 12.95L Refillable Canister
  • 22L Disposable Canister
  • 66L Refillable Canister
  • 110L Refillable Canister 
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